What Are the Best CD Rates Today?

Of course, you can do better than the national average by doing a little research — even without a massive opening deposit. If you can part with your money for only one year, Synchrony Bank is offering 1.25% APY on one-year CDs with a minimum deposit of $2,000. Got another year? Synchrony will bump your APY to 1.45% for a two-year CD with the same minimum deposit. Sallie Mae is also offering 1.25% APY on one-year CDs with a slightly larger minimum deposit, $2,500. More >>>

Ongoing Growth in Residential Construction Loans Points to Additional Expansion

However, increased availability doesn’t mean looser terms. Many banks still won’t lend for as large a percentage of a project’s total cost as they would during last decade’s boom. And some banks want guarantees from builder executives to personally repay loans if their companies can’t, a proposal at which many builders balk. More >>>

Cheap payday loans

There are lenders offering different kinds of payday loans, including cheap ones to people with no or poor credit score. Such lenders do not ask their clients to submit credit histories; however they may ask you to show evidence of your financial capabilities and/or other documents. Opening a checking account is not imperative either. More >>>

Payday loan without checking account

It is a well known fact that many lenders want their clients to open checking accounts, which is undesirable for some clients. Besides, most banks frown upon customers with poor credit histories. Payday loan services offer great opportunities for such clients. You can apply for a payday loan without checking account online. More >>>

Payday Loans no Checking Account

If you have an urgent need for money, payday loans are specially designed to cover your immediate financial needs. Although some financial institutions offer not the most favorable terms for handling your payday loan applications, there are still good options out there and you can get your payday loans with no need for opening a checking account or submitting tons of documents. Take your chance now and apply for a payday loan! More >>>

Mortgage Down Payment Requirements

If you would like to buy a home or any other costly item, but you are too short of money, there is a chance to buy a good thing by paying part of the total value and continuing to pay until you return the full amount. This is what we call a down payment – a percentage of the value of a house (or any other luxury item). Usually it amounts to between 5 and 25 percent of a property’s value. More >>>

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