Down Payment Calculator

It does not take a lot of calculation to determine the size of a down payment. All you need to know is the value of the house and the sum you can pay at the moment. With this information close at hand, you can turn to a qualified estate agent so that he/she can provide you with all sorts of information on affordable houses. Alternatively, you can take advantage of a down payment calculator that will show all the necessary details on your down payments. More >>>

Imprest Balance

Since companies have regular expenditures related to some minor work activities, it is very important to maintain an imprest balance . This will ensure a consistent flow of petty cash as well as the management of a petty cash fund . This fund must be replenished from time to time to guarantee cash availability to cover minor expenses. More >>>

Main Issues on Imprest Money System

The most popular system today is Imprest money system that is rather handy for various institutions and organizations having an employee that manages various company purchases and makes several buyings for daily needs. That happens due to special receipts that he gets to submit them to the cashier all the expenditures get fixed in the account organization list. After that the manager gets the same account being refreshed after his yesterday’s expenditures and ready for being used in future. More >>>

Imprest Petty Cash – the Main Principle of Petty Cash System!

If you’ve always heard of petty cash system but don’t know what it means welcome to our page! Here we’ll tell you about petty cash system in general, get you acquainted with Imprest petty cash principles of work, show you the petty cash main features and tell how to replenish the checks and what document you will need to do that! More >>>

Imprest Funds – Discover the Main Principles of that Kind of Funds!

If you know something about loans but haven’t heard about Imprest funds welcome here! What is an Imprest fund? What type of Imprest funds there exist today? What are main Imprest funds features? Why are Imprest funds so popular today? Read the answers to all these questions just right here! Who knows may be we’ll help you t make out in a rich financial accounting world! More >>>

Imprest – Main Facts about the Accounting System!

Imprest system is an accounting system that came from the United Kingdom and is based on the Imprest account creation in the form of a petty cash system. The main system feature is the fixed amount of money reservation. This system main advantage is that it allows replenishing it once one needs to do it or at the end of a specific period. This replenishment can be done without the Imprest checking account but from another source. The main system term - petty cash - term implies the inactive Imprest general ledger account as far as a set amount is concerned. More >>>

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