Where to Look for Savings Account Options

CIT Savings has no monthly fees and requires just $100 to open a new account.

CIT at a Glance

The 2 Best Savings Accounts with No Monthly Fee: Barclays and Synchrony

Barclays is a relative newcomer to the U.S...
In addition to fee-free savings, Capital One offers an array of online and mobile banking services and tools that can help you keep an eye on your money.

Capital One 360 at a Glance

Best Online Savings Account for High Balances: CITI Bank

CIT’s savings account offers a tiered interest rate structure, so higher balances earn higher interest...
Even with no monthly fee and high rates, Barclays manages some great online banking features like online transfer, external account linking, and remote deposit using your smartphone or home computer scanner.

Barclays at a Glance

Synchrony OptimizerPlus
GE Capital has spun off its retail arm and is now Synchrony...
In addition to your traditional local bank, you may be surprised to find that you can open a savings account with one of these types of companies:

Why Choose An Online Savings Account?
Today, almost every financial institution with personal banking products has an online presence...
Currently, their industry best 1.05% APR goes to customers who can maintain a balance of $25,000 or higher in the account.

CIT’s lower rates are still some of the best around (1.00% APY for no minimum balance), so if you plan on growing your savings significantly in the near future, it might pay to open this account now and take advantage of the tiered structure as your savings grows...
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Checking Account Offers

When accepting the offer, you may win bonuses, gifts, including TV sets, DVD players, portable entertainment devices and more However, because there is a certain share of risk, you should consider all the pros and cons before making a decision to open a checking account...
Because checking accounts are becoming increasingly popular these days, many banks offer one of the fastest and most convenient ways to open a checking account...

There are several types of checking account offers:


What Are the Best CD Rates Today?

CDs aren’t known for their high yields...
Additionally, with most CDs, you can “set it and forget it”: That is, once you’ve opened your CD and put your money in, you don’t have to do much else.

  • Higher interest rates (at most traditional banks): Traditionally, CD rates are higher than savings account rates to entice you to part with your money for the specified term...
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