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Online Merchant Accounts

In today’s economical circumstances, more and more people use credit cards to pay online for services or goods. This is one of the most crucial reasons why your business needs an online merchant account to exist and evolve successfully. By creating a website for your business, you need to understand that people may want to pay for your goods and/or services right away; therefore, be sure to integrate a credit card payment system onto your website.

Most people prefer to use credit or debit cards instead of using cash. Thanks to the progress in technology, payments can be easily made online from any corner of the world. Therefore, if you want to make more money out of your Internet presence, internet merchant accounts are the way for your business to succeed globally. Don’t get worried about the security of your private or financial details. When dealing with online transaction services, all the data is encrypted and sent over in a secured way with no possibility of leaching or stealing your important information. The only thing that you should remember is that you’d better not work on public computers while transferring money from your credit card to online merchant accounts. There is a possibility that these computers have key loggers or some other spyware installed that may track the keys you press while working on the computer.

Another thing you should pay attention to is that Internet merchant accounts must be located on a secure server (the URL shall start with https://...). Also, please keep your passwords in a secure place and don’t allow websites to save your credit card information or any other vulnerable data. If you pay attention to the steps mentioned above, your online merchant accounts will be safe and secure.

Now, let’s speak about international merchant accounts that enable anyone to accept payments through e-payment services and from people around the globe.

An international merchant account expands your business capabilities and allows you to reach your target audience with less costs and far quicker than by means of traditional marketing. Furthermore, it can boost your revenue and will allow you to benefit from the rapidly growing global ecommerce.

It is a common thing when businesses with local bank accounts take advantage of international merchant accounts. The purpose of opening such accounts is that payment processing costs are usually lower when accepting payments worldwide and enable business owners to substantially reduce their charges on international payment processing.

Online Merchant Account Services

A heavy deal of credit card transactions are now transmitted to merchant account processing banks, where the details are captured and authorized. There are many types of an online merchant service that processes credit cards worldwide. The most popular and widely spread methods of card processing are: There are two basic methods used by online merchant account services :
  1. A sponsored bank or payments processor
  2. An authorized bank’s agent registered with MasterCard and/or Visa
When payments are processed by a bank, you will need to get your merchant account directly from this bank. When using the services provided by bank’s agents, your data will still be verified by the bank, but the agent will pay corresponding fees.

Best Online Merchant Account

Because of a number of reasons, there are businesses that can be automatically classified as high risk. These businesses include the following sectors: Because such businesses face a high risk of chargebacks and refunds, they need the creation of a special account, namely a high risk merchant account that will reduce risks, maximize revenue and cash flow as well as protect against losses.

Statistically, the best online merchant account will include the utmost protection against chargebacks and fraudulent transactions. It may also include imprest funds that can be used in case of necessity. Chargebacks may be caused by many reasons. Some of them are quite legitimate, while the others result from fraudulent actions. Whatever the reason is, merchants and banks lose money because of such chargebacks. This leads many banks to shut their doors for high risk companies and provide them no other option than a gross loan. However, there’s still a possibility to find the best merchant account that will have great transaction processing tools and outstanding rates. Many large banks readily provide high risk merchant accounts for any payment processing needs.

Before creating your high risk account, it is important to consider the following:
  1. Learn what banks accept your business type
  2. Get to know an agent or another person that will help you establish your account
  3. Fill out the application form knowingly and correctly. This will help you get your business approval
To get the best merchant account, you will need to work with experienced professionals, who have connections with different banks and know all the peculiarities of high risk account management. It is much more effective to take advantage of the services offered by banking professionals rather than reduce your chances to get an account on your own.

Free Online Merchant Account

An offshore merchant account is usually established to address the following needs: By establishing your merchant account online, you can get a transaction processing account within the frames of the territory located outside your business area. For example, if your company is registered in the USA, but you need to accept payments from the residents of Canada, you can establish a Canada-based offshore merchant account.

The advantages of working with offshore accounts are as follows: If your business is on a global scale, the use of an offshore merchant account can be very beneficial for you. Because banks charge higher processing fees for the use of international cards, you can save on international transactions if you are going to sell goods or services outside your country. Let’s presume you are a US consumer and use a credit or debit card issued in the USA. If you send money to an Asian payment processing system, the merchant will be charged more because the transaction will be considered international. However, if you a US offshore merchant account , payments will be considered domestic and you will save money on each transaction.

If merchant accounts are owned by a single recipient bank, businesses having high needs for payment processing may be at a risk. In case the bank fails to process transactions, you may lose money. By diversifying your business with offshore merchant accounts, you get a more stable cash flow and less risk of transaction processing failures.

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