Mortgage Down Payment Requirements

The size of a down payment depends on your credit record, debt-to-income ratio and mortgage down payment requirements set by the lending institution you are borrowing money from. There were times, when people with high levels of credibility could enjoy the so called zero down payment credits. Simply put, they didn’t have to pay down at all. In this crisis time, it is no longer a common thing, because many borrowers defaulted on their loans. The last spate of defaults has triggered the mortgage crisis in the United States.

Keeping track on your budget is vital in this unstable world. If you have ventured upon a mortgage deal, you must have studied your financial reserves and chosen a reliable down payment assistance program as well as a good lender. Many home buyers consider FHA assistance programs to be less extortionate and most secure.

The FHA assistance has been around since the times when America was getting over the Great Depression. The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) was established shortly after the US government passed the 1934 National Housing Act. The goal of the program was to stimulate home ownership and boost the demand for estate objects by granting loans to people who could not actually afford a home due to low income. The FHA’s function has been to check applicants’ credit histories and to provide insurance services to lending institutions in cases whereby clients defaulted on their loans.

FHA programs are still there, although the seller-funded assistance was canceled in 2008 due to the mortgage crisis. Loans are granted to those who have not owned real estate for 3 years or more. Apart from standard mortgage down payment requirements, in some cases clients are required to have a real estate property in a certain region. This is common to assistance programs set up to stimulate home ownership and construction in certain locations.

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