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With the development of science and technology different spheres and areas of life started improving. Banking is not an exception. Thus, there appeared lots of ways of taking a loan – that is a really burning topic as the modern world lives due to a loan. There are different types of loans (secured, subsidized, unsubsidized, unsecured, demand) but some of them can become a subject of theft and robbery. So what loan to choose to avoid this?

Today more and more people choose the Imprest system service. According to different search engines statistics imprest system is the most popular key words typed by people in order to learn the something about the loans. What is Imprest system and what’s the point with the Imprest funds? The creation of the Imprest petty cash account comes from the United Kingdom. In fact, Imprest definition is quite simple. It implies the creation of Imprest account in the form of a financial account system. The main feature is Imprest petty cash system. According to the system its main zest is the reservation of a fixed amount of money. The main sense is the opportunity to replenish it as soon as one needs or at the end of a specific period. But at the same time that kind of replenishment is not taken from your Imprest checking account but from another source. And it’s very important to be careful here as once the special amount of money is spent your imprest account is not going to be credited anymore and thus it can be concerned as a permanent debt.

The main system petty cash term implies the Imprest general ledger account to be inactive as far as a set amount is concerned. The system works the following way. Imagine you have $200 of currency entrusted by the custodian. In that case your Petty cash account will have a $200 debit balance. It is this debit balance that is called Imprest balance. When your account coins and currency come to a low number then you are asked to replenish them. Once you draw a check to your account your cash account is credited once again. Please pay your attention that it is check account not the petty cash account that is to be credited after the check on the organization account is requested. These debits cover the postage and supplies expense and are marked as the Petty cash receipts. Thus, the general Petty Cash account plays no role in the replenishment. It’s important to take into account that the number of Imprest system petty cash custodian is $100 that can be represented in currency, coins or petty cash receipts.

In general Imprest system advantages implies a kind of special control against theft and fraud due to the loans usage. That’s why this system popularity keeps mushrooming all over the world. What are the system main advantages and why is it worth using it? As it was stated below the maximal petty cash amount is $100 so you can spend only what you have and replenish the sum you’ve spent – that is $90.

It’s also worth being mentioned that the Imprest system amount is controlled by documents. All the amount operations are documented. The documents of this system are presented in the form of dockets, receipts or invoices. This allows the clients check the amount cash left anytime they would like.

In other words, the main issue of the Imprest system work is the documentation of the way your petty cash is spent. It is quite simple as the special dockets are written for the every petty cash issued amount. At the end of the month all of these dockets are summed up in the total by being deducted from the petty cash float opening showing the amount left in the petty cash float. According to the Imprest system principles, the sum spent from the amount should be replenished.

Lots of people choose Imprest system as it is a special means that controls all the expenditures providing them with a special sum of money. When they finally spend some of it they got the appropriate vouchers related to their spent amounts in order to restore the float. Then the person select between vouchers or cash to his float amount.

So our website is dedicated to the Imprest system. We are going to guide you in understanding the world of various Imprest terms and nuances. We will tell you about the Imprest funds, their advantages and disadvantages, ways to create Imprest account, we’ll tell you what petty cash is in detail and so on. As a matter of fact lots of people miss their chances to use a comfortable credit way because they don’t make out in the Imprest system. We have created this website in order to help you to get the main ideas of this system, explain you all Imprest features and show the main Imprest nuances.

For more information about Imprest system read our articles dedicated to this topic provided on the website.

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