Imprest Balance

Imprest Balance Definition

An imprest balance, or petty cash balance, is a form of loans or advances allocated for specific purposes and replenished based on the expenditures. The imprest balance is a part of a petty cash system used to gather a specific amount of cash for appropriate use. To maintain the availability of imprest cash , this amount is replenished from time to time.

The purpose of establishing an imprest fund is to ensure a constant flow of money for minor purchases that are usually made outside the regular ordering cycle.

As a rule, the petty cash is given to employees in petty cash envelopes to ensure its safety and accountability.

mprest Account

An Imprest Checking Account is a type of account created specifically to ensure a constant flow of cash to reimburse minor or incidental expenditures. When the set limit is used up, the money is replenished to the original amount, so that the sum is equal to the total expenses. This is also called a petty cash fund that is usually restored to its original amount at the end of each financial year.

People can also open an imprest bank account that will be restored by the general revenue fund committee when the allocated amount is used up. In most cases, such accounts are open to make payments that cover some work outside the regular working cycle or system, e.g. to pay workers for casual work like fighting floods or wood fires. Payments from the imprest bank account can be only done within the payment terms that are approved when entering into the bank agreement. The bank’s petty cash fund must be replenished periodically to ensure the sum’s availability in case of necessity.

Interest Payable

Each loan can have different terms, but most commonly it includes both the amount due and the interest that accumulates over time. Furthermore, loans may have other fees in case you do not pay it off in time. There are several statements that you’ll most likely sign before you are given a loan.

If you have some obligations to creditors, banks or other institutions or lenders, you will most likely be asked to sign formal agreements, also known as notes payable . They are commonly based on a certain interest expense . If the interests aren’t paid, they accumulate and are added to your financial statement. Let’s see how this works on this example: a bakery owner signed notes payable with the amount of $10,000 and an interest rate of 10% in December 1. He will need to pay interests each quarter, i.e. on March 1, June 1, September 1, etc. If the interests aren’t paid, the amount is accumulated and the total sum to be paid will constitute $10,250 by the end of the fiscal year.

In many cases, especially if you deal with banks or other financial institutions, you will need to sign notes receivable in addition to notes payable Notes receivable are the statements where you specify your obligations to pay off a debt.

Accounts payable, or payables, are pretty much similar to notes payable with the only difference that the first is the statement that an individual or a business has a debt to its credit lenders for purchasing services or goods. These can be invoices or bills that were unpaid by contractors or suppliers. An example of accounts payable can be your regular payments for cable or ISP services.

Accounts payable are also associated with a unit that keeps track of all the company’s financial activities, including equipment ordering, account withdrawals, managing expenditures, etc. Accounts payable jobs also involve paying bills on a timely manner, ensuring the payments meet certain criteria, so that the company’s credit ratings remain high and solid.

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