Checking Account Offers

If you have a good cash flow, consider the accounts that allow for unlimited transactions

  • Try to find the highest interest rates and search the best checking account offers
  • Make sure you are comfortable with all the bank’s terms and conditions
  • Best Checking Account Promotions

    To get a new clientele, many banks offer checking account promotions available for those opening an account with them...
    Moreover, by offering high interest rates as well as free checking account options, some banks may stand out amongst their competitors and attract new customers by their great deals and promotions...
    Because checking accounts are becoming increasingly popular these days, many banks offer one of the fastest and most convenient ways to open a checking account...
    Some banks offer refunds on the fees charged by other banks’ ATMs, ensuring that you use any ATM across the country with no fees at all
  • No sign-up charges and free monthly maintenance
  • If your balance is maintained on the level of about $1,000 for a certain time, you can also get a bonus in the amount of $50 or $100
  • Special gifts and presents are also part of checking account offers in many banks...

    Before accepting checking account offers from any bank, take the following factors into consideration:


    What Are the Best CD Rates Today?

    CDs aren’t known for their high yields...
    Simply input your desired term and minimum deposit to find some of the best CD rates available.

    How Can I Maximize My CD Interest Rates?

    While CD rates are low, there are a few investment strategies you can use to boost your return, with the added bonus of creating more chances to access your money penalty-free.

    CD Laddering

    Laddering, the most popular CD investing strategy, helps you enjoy a higher interest rate while maintaining access to at least some of your cash — making a CD ladder a candidate for part of your emergency fund...
    That makes these accounts a better pick for any money you need to be able to withdraw quickly and penalty-free, such as an emergency fund.

    Of course, if you opt for a high-yield CD online or open one with a higher balance or longer term, a CD can still beat these accounts when it comes to APY...
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