FHA Loan Down Payment

According to the federal down payment assistance program, the mission of the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has been to provide insurance services for money-lending institutions and home sellers participating in down payment assistance programs. The FHA is authorized to check potential home buyers’ credit histories and their financial statuses. Until October 1, 2008, it was not uncommon for home sellers to partially cover for down payments and thus help buyers make a down payment.

Loans are not granted to everyone. In order to qualify for a FHA loan down payment, a client should prove that he/she has no estate property in possession. Besides, the client is going to have to prove that he/she has been ‘homeless’ for at least 3 years to constitute a first time home buyer.

Next, the client needs to choose a lending organization offering acceptable terms. It must be remembered that zero down payments are no longer common. During the 2000s, many borrowers with immaculate credit records could enjoy a zero-down-payment scheme. In other words, they did not have to pay down a penny. Unfortunately, that was way too generous and many borrowers failed to discharge their debts, which actually resulted in a severe mortgage crisis.

For this reason, whatever kind of lender you choose, you should not expect them to offer you a zero down payment. The same goes about home sellers. You should not expect them to partially pay for you, because FDA assistance programs do not include the seller-funded support any longer, as it was abolished in compliance with the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, which took effect on October 2008. There is just one exception: zero payment loans are still granted by the Department of Veterans. In any event, you should take your time and study as many FHA loan down payment options as possible.

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