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Instead of using cash, you can hold transactions using an online merchant service. This is the most and the only convenient way to manage an online business. However, many online businesses entail high financial risks. These high-risk businesses include adult industry, dating service management, timesharing services, tourism, dieting, medicine delivery services, custom design, etc. One reason why we refer to these services as high risk is the likelihood of fraud and chargebacks.

In order to reduce the risks, you can start an online high risk merchant account. This kind of service is provided by many banks, so that high risk businesses have a chance to develop without resorting to gross loans (many banks close the doors for high risk businesses due to the possibility of losses).

If you are going in for any of the mentioned high risk businesses and have no option but to open a high risk merchant account, you should do the following:

  1. Consider several banks and choose one that accepts this sort of business
  2. Get acquainted with agents who you think can help you create an account
  3. Make sure you have filled in all the blanks and applications correctly. This is an absolute must for getting an approval
If you want your business to go well, you must choose banking institutions correctly. Make sure you are dealing with a respectful bank that has qualified professionals on staff. Please, do not be shy to ask questions to agents. Experienced agents know everything about credit card processing, and they are quite open about other respectable banking institutions providing similar services.

Although reputable services do not have security problems, you should take this issue very seriously. Please, do not use someone else’s or public computers for transactions. Make sure the service is located on a secure server and the url starts with https ...

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