What are the Imprest System Advantages?

If you are a person that often does small amount purchases or a director of a firm or company you will definitely need the Imprest system account with its petty cash feature. Learn about the Imprest system advantages right on our website. More >>>

Imprest Checking Account – the Principles of Work!

Today Imprest checking account is very popular among those who prefer using loans especially working at the offices and other establishments. They can simplify the process of the expenditures management and help to save money knowing every operation performed with the account. That’s why it is so popular among those who has nothing to do with accounting. More >>>

Imprest – Main Facts about the Accounting System!

Imprest system is an accounting system that came from the United Kingdom and is based on the Imprest account creation in the form of a petty cash system. The main system feature is the fixed amount of money reservation. This system main advantage is that it allows replenishing it once one needs to do it or at the end of a specific period. This replenishment can be done without the Imprest checking account but from another source. The main system term - petty cash - term implies the inactive Imprest general ledger account as far as a set amount is concerned. More >>>


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