Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Whatever kind of transfer you choose, there are a few must-know things, which you should bear in mind while choosing between different companies:

  1. The longevity of the introduction card rate
  2. Fees and commission charges
  3. To how many transfers the introductory rate is applied?
  4. Is the rate applied to your daily purchases?
  5. How will the rate change when the introductory period expires?
  6. Imprest checking account details
  7. Transaction fee size.
Credit card companies charge transfers differently...

What are Balance Transfer Credit Cards?

Zero percent balance transfers are being practiced by credit card companies in order to attract clientele and take the edge off the financial crisis...

Balance Transfer Credit Cards

You can go for a credit card balance transfer if you have a large balance...
People move their money to lower interest or zero balance transfer credit cards ...
It can be a little difficult, but this is the only way to find a financial institution that offers the best balance transfer credit cards...
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The Right Way To Use Your Credit Cards

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Step 3: Use a “rewards” or “cashback” credit card

There are many credit cards on the market which will offer you a % cashback of your bill each month or provide you with airmiles, supermarket vouchers or other incentives.

I’ve been using the Avios Duo Credit Card from TSB for a few years now...
There will be a section where you fill in your bank details to pay off the card, and there will be a box asking you whether you want to pay the minimum balance, the full balance or some other number each month.

Just click the “full balance” box and never change it.

So, your transaction flow (dates are for illustration only) could be as follows:

You always automatically pay the full balance before it is due, and then you’ll never have to pay any interest on your credit card.

Your only exception when you may not want to pay the full balance each month is 0% balance transfer or 0% purchase credit cards where you enjoy a prolonged period of 0% interest...
Credit cards are great for their owners as a form of paying for items (and delaying the cash payment by around a month)...

Many times in my Moneystepper lifetime, I’ve heard the following statements:

The Right Way To Use Credit Cards

But, it’s not as simple as that.

I like to think of credit cards as a knife...
Credit cards can be a very dangerous thing...
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Online Merchant Account

The most popular and widely spread methods of card processing are:

Credit Card Processing for Small Business

Credit card processing for small businesses plays a major role in today’s economy as small businesses are a driving force of the retail and other types of sales...

Merchant Account Credit Card Processing

Many small to large businesses take advantage of merchant account credit card processing as one of the best ways to boost sales and online presence...

Today, even small businesses have enough tools to compete with large organizations and online credit card processing makes it all possible!

Credit Card Processing Services

As a cost effective option that can replace stand alone terminals, credit card processing services may turn any PC or laptop to a virtual terminal...

Online Credit Card Processing

With traditional payment processing through a physical terminal giving way to online credit card processing, you can now easily buy most goods and services with a virtual account...
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