What Are the Best CD Rates Today?

Of course, you can do better than the national average by doing a little research — even without a massive opening deposit. If you can part with your money for only one year, Synchrony Bank is offering 1.25% APY on one-year CDs with a minimum deposit of $2,000. Got another year? Synchrony will bump your APY to 1.45% for a two-year CD with the same minimum deposit. Sallie Mae is also offering 1.25% APY on one-year CDs with a slightly larger minimum deposit, $2,500. More >>>

Extending The Term When You Refinance Student Loans

As you decide whether to extend the terms of your loan, consider what you can afford to pay each month and compare this to what you will pay in interest over time. Lowering your monthly payments can open up big opportunities for you in the present (it did for me). But you’ll have to carry that debt farther into the future, and pay more in the long run. More >>>

The Right Way To Use Your Credit Cards

Additionally, credit cards can be a vital lifeline in the case of an emergency. I actually use the available credit on my cards to act as my emergency fund, which means that I can invest the 3-6 months of expenses I would usually keep in cash in case of emergency. When a big emergency hits (which with proper planning it won’t too often), you can pay it with your credit card and then have a few weeks to liquidate any investments you need to cover the balance. More >>>

Who Gets to Keep the Bank Accounts?

We had to complete all the steps outlined by the bank to remove my husband’s name from the account remotely because we opened the account at a branch in New York more than 12 years ago. In some cases, banks require you to submit the information to the originating branch. This can create difficulties in our increasingly mobile society. The mail-in option worked well for us because we lived hours away from the original branch. More >>>

A Brief Guide to UK Loans

Personal loan repayments are structured to be the same every month. With that said, you can overpay a personal loan providing you’ve taken it out after 1st February 2011. You can pay a personal loan off in full earlier too although you may be charged a one off amount as a penalty depending on your lender. More >>>

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