What Are the Best CD Rates Today?

However, it might not be the case when you factor in some high-yield savings accounts online, which I’ll return to later in this article.


What Are the Best CD Rates Today?

CDs aren’t known for their high yields...
Right now, there are five-year CDs that are competitive with those 10-year rates with the added bonus of locking up your money for only half the time.

  • Treasury bonds are longer-term investments that mature in 30 years...
    On the other hand, a traditional CD will have a fixed rate for its entire term.

    Money Market Accounts

    For bank customers, a money market account, or MMA, is very similar to a high-yield savings account...
    That makes these accounts a better pick for any money you need to be able to withdraw quickly and penalty-free, such as an emergency fund.

    Of course, if you opt for a high-yield CD online or open one with a higher balance or longer term, a CD can still beat these accounts when it comes to APY...
    All of these CDs mature at the same time, but you still had access to at least a portion of your money until the last year.

    Alternatives to CDs

    If you’re not quite sold on CDs, there are some other low-risk alternatives that might be a better fit — some more liquid than CDs, and some less so.

    High- Yield Savings Accounts

    A high-yield savings account offers a beefier interest rate than the paltry national savings account average, which is 0.09% in August 2015, according to Bankrate...
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